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All You Need to Know About a Content Creator

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I am so happy to write today’s post! After I describe who a content creator is and how they help businesses and bloggers grow their online presence via content marketing, the expression will be “Hey, I need a content creator!”

Why is a Content Creator Critical for Success?

Content creation is closely involved in every part of the Internet and data. Think about it; the Internet contains a vast catalog of content. Content is what we save, tag, share, and consume. Also, it's what we consume on social media.

Quality content turns potential audience members and resolute purchasers. As the saying goes — behind all viral content is a talented content creator.

If we want good content for marketing goals, we need a good ‘content creator.’ 

The Importance of Quality Content

Brands and businesses have witnessed better Return of Investment (ROI) using quality content creation as an approach. 

When we say content, we're referring to all visual and written material we use to interact with our target audience.

Content includes written materials like articles, landing pages, blog posts, email newsletters, instructional videos, Instagram stories, and so much more.

It's vital for most businesses, irrespective of offerings and scale. Content can help our businesses rank higher in Google search result pages.  It also lets us reach potential audiences regularly. That said, here are some key reasons why content is vital for our brands.

  • It's Important for Branding

Content creation is a good way to market our brand and our business values. Social media content marketing (blink) can allow us to be less formal and playful. Great, right?  This connects potential clients and our brand.

Social media contents can highlight the tender side of our business. On the other hand, long-form articles allow potential customers to know how our products can solve their issues.

  • Content Helps Us Target Potential Clients

The essential step in digital content creation is knowing who our audience is. Professional content creators understand the consumer's persona. They know their pain points, who they are, and the kind of content they want.

Producing good content frequently can help us reach our target audience. Good content provides solutions and helps rank our content on Google's result page. 

Content helps us reach our target audience and create a relationship with them. Further, sharing user reviews and guest posts can help boost our credibility and build trust.

Hiring a technical writer to craft a comprehensive guide to our products shows our audience that we care. It shows that we want to help them learn how to use our products before they buy any.

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  • Boosts Traffic and Visibility

It's no news that content is a great way to maximize the number of visitors to our site. Yes, visual marketing adds a human touch to our marketing tactics. But written content also helps rank high in search engines.

By carrying out keyword research in a niche, we can write articles that boost our visibility. We advise starting with tools like Ahrefs to perfect the keywords that work well in a niche. After getting the keywords, plug them into Buzzsumo or Clearscope to make most of the content performance.

  •  It Can Save Time and Money

Professional content writers can create new content effectively and faster than most business owners.

They can build products in a particular context. Also, they can accent how specific offerings can ease pain points and provide solutions for customers. By saving us time, we can concentrate on building our business.

  • Better Return on Investment (ROI)

A content creator can help ensure that the material we develop delivers the highest ROI. Remember, content creators are not equal. So we may employ many writers to meet our company's needs like:

  • A social media content writer for creating viral or appealing content
  • A web designer for designing infographics
  • A digital media for using the information developed by a content writer

What is a Content Creator?

A content creator contributes information to digital media or any other media (link). They target a specific audience in particular contexts. Additionally, a content creator provides the following:

  •       Email newsletters
  •       Blog posts
  •       Video marketing
  •       Social media copy
  •       Graphic design
  •       eBooks...and so much more!

Further, they build offline content like client packets, brochures, and so much more.

Their goal is to take our opinions and turn them into valuable content for our business. All we need to do is send them a project brief and ask them to complete it.

We can give them complete control and trust them to develop content for our business.

Pro Tip

Organize interviews with some content creators to know if their personality suits the team.

Why Hire a Content Creator?

To many, hiring a content creator is irrelevant. Why hire a content creator when we can write our own content?

It's simple! Content creators specialize in creating content regularly.

If we don't want to manage two job roles simultaneously, it's best to hire a professional content writer. Meeting a complete content strategy requires full attention.

If we want to reap the benefits of creating content, it shouldn’t be a box to check on our list. We need someone enthusiastic about developing our brand.

We also need someone that can produce working strategies and carry out those strategies.

Still not satisfied? Read on to learn why hiring a content creator is important:

  • It’s Cost-Effective

We don't  often come across ways to save money and grow our business. But hiring a content creation agency or a freelance writer will save us training cost and time. Content creation has the largest percentage of outsourced content marketing.

Some content creators may be expensive, but you can devise a strategy before hiring them. The strategy includes the type of content we want and what we’re willing to pay. Remember that behind a successful content marketing strategy, is quality content.

We can get an affordable deal on Upwork or Fiverr. But never compromise quality for affordability. You’ll end up doing more damage than good.

  • It Saves us Time

Content writing goes beyond producing blogs at our convenience. It requires time to craft high-quality content since it involves a whole lot more than just sitting down and writing.

It's is a blend of research, proofreading, editing, and formatting to create high-ranking content important to our business.

If we don’t have the time to learn the latest SEO techniques for 2019, a content writer can take care of that.

  • Quality Content Preserves our Brand

Hiring a content writer to give our brand a voice will provide audiences with a unique perspective.

Content creators will learn about our company, and what it's about. They'll learn the intricate details of our business identity. Next, they'll transform it into a conversational piece to pass to our audience.

Furthermore, regular content will keep our online presence current. Uploading new material on all platforms will help rank our website high on Google search.

Convinced yet? If yes, that's great! But before we employ a content creator, we need to know what we want. We must define our goals so that we can relate them:

What kind of content do we need and how do we want to sell our brand?

Do we have a budget?

Do we want to outsource?

If we can answer these questions, it will point us in the right direction.

Creating quality content is more than an article or blog. What happens when we spend a few minutes scanning through articles? It's possible that we'll soak in vital information.

In essence, good content speaks directly to our target audience. A content writer knows what's essential to our audience.

Their words reach past the time we use reading their content. Sometimes we don't even know it.

Expert content creators search for things that are at the core of what they're selling and highlight that.

The Dos Equis example...

Dos Equis wasn't linked with anything interesting until a daring mascot came in. If we place creativity at the top of a content strategy, we'll reach buyers without over-promoting our brand.

Nanette Burstein (a content creator) changed the negative meaning of “like a girl” in the Always marketing campaign. The content she developed linked Always with female empowerment. She used it to empower women while selling a lot of feminine products.

Metro Trains had a straight forward message for travelers. It says: don’t mess around on trains. Their content creator designed a video portraying “Dumb Ways to Die” with an appealing jingle and matching attractive characters.

The outcome? About 160 million views (if not more) on YouTube. They had successfully communicated their message.

Content doesn't have to be connected with what we're selling. It involves creating content that interests our target audience. Indeed, creating relevant content reaches beyond our products and services. In the end, we’re developing a relationship between our brand and audience.

Pro Tip

Check if their writing is interesting and engaging and if they have any work published in popular publications like Forbes or the New York Times.


Picking a Content Creator

We often prioritize content creators with expertise in a specific industry. It's simpler to teach a writer branding style and voice. But it's hard to bring them up to speed on expertise if they don't know the subject.

We advise using writers with experience in your niche. If a company specializes in advanced technology, get a writer with a college degree in technology. For other businesses, a college degree may be an extra benefit, not a prerequisite. Draft a list of essential qualifications. Remove writers without these qualifications.

Don’t Underrate the Value of Marketing

Yes, content marketing is that important, don’t underestimate it!  Content creation concerning inbound marketing, SEO, and brand awareness can help grow our business. Likewise, don’t trivialize the value of hiring a content creator to manage it all.

A content creator can craft about 5000 words of content daily. And even more!

That's not all...

The content will be suited for SEO and written for consumers to engage with. If we want to reap the benefits of inbound marketing strategy and achieve brand awareness, we need a content creator!

It's that simple.

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