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Using a Video Marketing Assistant

Videos are all the rage in marketing. However, if you aren’t naturally inclined to making videos, the whole process can feel overwhelming. That’s where outsourcing to a virtual assistant for video marketing or a video marketing assistant comes in handy.

Video marketing consists of so many different processes: coming up with cool and new ideas, creating videos, editing, finding the right audience and then marketing the finished videos. In fact, if a business owner  where to focus just on this part of their business, they wouldn’t have any time left to actually follow up with all the leads that can come in.

Managing the different aspects of a video marketing process is a great fit for many virtual assistants.

What can a video marketing assistant help you with:

Hmm… Let me think about that…

When you bring someone new to your team, you have the perfect opportunity to bring in some new ideas and perspective. When hiring a virtual assistant, you should aim to hire someone who can also think outside of the box and come up with unique ideas of their own.

Even though they would be working for you, a potential virtual assistant can be more than just a worker. The right VA or VA team can be someone to bounce off ideas and get a new perspective from.

When you are coming up with ideas for your video content, you should be looking to solve people’s problems in the form of an interesting video. Most people have problems realizing what the actual problems are in their industry.

Your virtual assistant can take over the part of this operation and help you see things you are not aware of.

Doing Your Homework

There is no point in creating the content if there is no need for it.

Even when you realize what the key industry problems are, you need to find out what exactly your audience is searching for on the Internet.

There are several tools that help you achieve that. The main one is Google Adwords Keyword Planner, which is free and only requires a quick sign-up with your Google account.

Coming up with a list of keywords to focus on based on the content of the video you are making can go a long way to improving your results.

Not Your Zone of Genius

You have a lot of amazing things to say and content to share. What you shouldn’t be doing is spending any extra time actually making those videos look amazing. Once you finish creating your video, you can assign the task of editing and exporting to your virtual assistant.

It’s important for videos to have a great look to them. That doesn’t mean professionally created with thousand’s of dollars worth of equipment. However it does mean things like trimming the edges, adding subtitles, adding and editing music and creating some video intro or outro that will identify your brand can represent a big part of the work you should be outsourcing to your assistant.

Research now shows that 85% of Facebook videos are now being watched with the sound off. If your video only consists of you talking, you’ll miss out on the vast majority of views.

Allowing a video marketing assistant to work on your videos can help to ensure that you get the most views possible.

Who Has Time for Details?

Once your video is edited, it still needs to be uploaded, tagged, etc… If you want to upload your video at a specific time, instead of going through the troubles of posting it, adding titles, tags and everything else on YouTube, you can outsource that task to your VA.

A good VA or VA team will possess knowledge about proper video optimization that you won’t.

Once the video catches some traffic, it will be flooded with comments, so another possible task for your VA would be to respond to relevant questions and engage further with your audience.

You Aren’t Done Yet

Last but certainly not least, you could outsource the promotion of your video to your personal assistant. To successfully do the last task on this list, you would need to have good insight about where your audience spends their time.

Your virtual assistant for video marketing can share your video through all of your social media channels. That also includes responding to comments and questions your viewers ask, engaging new audience members and analyzing potential places where your video do well.

To wrap it up, here are just some of the ways a video marketing assistant can save you time and improve your results:

  1. Ideas
  2. Research
  3. Editing
  4. Posting
  5. Promoting

Stick to what you do best and let a video marketing assistant do the rest. And, when you are ready to hire a team for your video marketing, give us a call!


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