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What is a Blog Manager and Do I Need One?

By Staff Writer

Hosting a blog is an essential way of bringing traffic to your website. If you've been handling this project on your own you know it can present unique challenges that might make getting help from a professional blog manager a good idea for your coaching or consulting business.

Is Your Blog Content of Decent Quality?

One challenge coaches experience is keeping their content consistent both in theme and timing. It's easy to see a variety of content on other blogs and decide to pursue the same path. And having the infrastructure for a blog is great. But often posts aren't consistent enough to make a difference. Both challenges deliver mixed results.

Professionals who manage blogs know how to overcome these particular problems. They understand the unique challenges that coaches face getting traffic to their websites. 

Blog managers work with you to help ensure that your blog has plenty of content to entice your visitors. They make sure the content is suitable for your business. You want to get the traffic, but you don't want your business going off in multiple directions, either.

Loving or Hating the Writing Part

Do you have a love or hate relationship with writing? No matter your answer, there are challenges that come with how you feel about writing your own content.

If you love to write, you likely struggle with not having ideas for your blog or not having the time to write quality posts.

If you hate writing, your understanding of the need for an excellent blog is in a constant battle with your aversion to the task. 

Blog management is useful in both situations. Getting the help of a professional is a good idea for anyone lacking either the time or passion needed to write quality blog posts on a regular schedule. Visitors to your website will notice the difference that dedication makes.

Think about your blog from the perspective of a visitor to your website. Would you want to use the services advertised on your site based on the content of your blog? If not, the time might be right for some changes in your strategy.

Coming Up with Ideas

Having a steady supply of ideas is essential for a blog to deliver results. However, running out of ideas or not being able to translate them into decent blog posts is a common challenge. The right content is essential to building your blog's following.

One of the most time-saving benefits of hiring a blog manager is content curation. They focus on coming up with the right ideas for posts that will get attention. They get to know your ideal client and then search for the right topics to keep your ideal client interested and engaged. Turning that task over to a professional blog manager means you'll have more time to devote to other parts of running your business.

When you don't have to brainstorm to find ideas for blog posts, you can devote more of your time to other essentials. Blog management professionals will help you maintain that proper balance for your business needs.

Do You Publish on a Regular Schedule?

Publishing blog posts on a regular schedule is important, yet this is an area where many website owners fall short. There isn't one single way of choosing when to publish posts. However, a few tips are worth remembering:

  • The publication schedule should be consistent
  • Posts should have a regular style
  • All posts should read as though they had the same writer or group of writers

One of the advantages of using a blog manager is having someone available to write the posts who knows what the best schedule is to use. We can arrange a schedule that works well for your business needs.

Keywords and Titles Make a Difference

Keywords and titles make are more important than most business owners realize. As search engines like Google regularly change their requirements, it can be difficult for consultants and other business owners to keep up.

Although exact keyword usage may vary depending on your business focus and geographical area, some of the factors that might determine the best search terms include:

  • Phrases including your company name, if applicable
  • City, state or county-related keywords
  • Terms related to business and life coaching

Blog managers can make a big difference in this area. They bring knowledge of the most recent updates and help determine the most impactful keywords and post titles will make a difference in helping the search engines deliver your answer at the top of the list when your client goes searching. 

Writing the Content You Need

Regardless of whether you lack time to write or don't enjoy writing, we can help. Your blog's content is an integral part of how you will reach clients. The right approach makes all the difference in whether you make that crucial connection.

There's no doubt that to attract your ideal client you must have a professional-looking website. In addition to looking professional, the site should also help provide a sense of confidence in your ability to handle their needs.

Using blogging experts to write your posts helps ensure that everything is grammatically sound. Because your posts are in the hands of an expert team, you don't need to worry about the quality of your posts suffering because you have additional obligations for your business.

Pro Tip

Blog managers know how to overcome the unique challenges that coaches face getting traffic to their websites.

The Importance of Good Editing

Getting your content written is just one part of the story where when it comes to your blog. Without editing your posts, you're running a genuine chance of missing major grammar or spelling errors. Such errors can make your posts appear unprofessional.

Using blog-related services is a good solution when you compose your own posts but require someone to check them for errors. This solution is a good alternative for professionals who feel comfortable writing content but need grammar and spelling help.

Creating Graphics for Use

Graphics can make a difference in how much attention blog posts attract. In some cases, website owners have the best chances of making an impact with specially-created graphics. However, many business owners lack the skills necessary to create such graphics.

Examples of graphics that can make a difference include:

  • Infographics that help explain key concepts
  • Charts and diagrams to demonstrate numbers
  • Animated clips to supplement information on the site

Blog managers can help with creating the right graphics for attention-getting posts. You will find this solution useful because it allows maximum impact without you having to acquire a new skill.

Sourcing Graphics for Use

You can likely find the ideal graphic for your blog post with a simple Google search. However, it is important to respect copyright law when using such images. Sometimes it can be challenging to determine who the image's copyright holder is.

Blog managers are diligent about ensuring proper sourcing of images. You don't want your business hindered due to a copyright issue.

Proper Formatting for Timely Posting

Getting your formatting right matters when you're publishing a new blog post. First impressions matter and posts with bad formatting will not project the professional image that you need.

Proper formatting also helps ensure that your posts are published on your schedule. Taking the time to make corrections to a post because of a formatting error can be very disruptive for your schedule.

Analyzing Metrics and Determining the Pivots

Another skill that a blog manager will possess is measuring metrics to determine the efficacy of posts. Many businesses lack either the time or necessary knowledge of how to measure such things on their own. Experts can make all the difference in these types of situations.

Blog managers will also be able to decide when to pivot or shift your blog posts to a new focus. Pivoting is often a necessary strategy when your posts aren't generating the traffic you need. Blog managers know when and how to strategically take this vital step.

In Conclusion

Although blog managers are not necessary for every business, they can be a valuable resource for professionals such as business or life coaches. You might be surprised at how much time a blog manager can save you resulting in a greater return on your investment. 

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