Working with A Professional Organizer: A Case Study

There’s a point in every business when you realize you might be standing in the way of your own growth.

You only have so much time in the day and, as a small business owner, you have to balance working with existing clients and finding new clients.

If growth is to continue, you have to get help. Smart business owners recognize that and look for opportunities.

And that’s what brought Cori Bamburg and Ditch the Clutter to Virtual A Team. Cori had spent the time and money to have a great Marketing plan created for Ditch the Clutter. Unfortunately, a plan without action does not create results. She wanted some help turning that plan into reality.

With the plan in place, Cori saw an opportunity to bring on a team and help grow her business.

Our work together started slowly. Cori first reached out to Virtual A Team to write articles for her website content.

This is often the case with new clients. They have a specific project or task and need to get the feel for working with a virtual team.

Within a few months, Cori asked if we could also post the articles to her blog. Once the article was written, we would select an image and create the blog post to go along with the article.

Much like dating, the business owner/virtual team relationship requires getting a feel for things. It can sometimes take time to understand the relationship and how things work.

As Virtual A Team began to have a solid understanding of the Ditch the Clutter voice, we began watching HARO listings for pitches that were relevant to her expertise. We then sent responses on behalf of Ditch the Clutter.

This helped Ditch the Clutter get featured in online articles all over the internet. Articles such as this one from Zumper, this one from, or this one from Organic Authority.

The relationship grew stronger and Cori found our feedback and suggestions to be valuable. She started having Virtual A Team post engaging content to her social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The next step was to create more branded content and improve engagement on the Ditch the Clutter social media profiles.

Most recently, we began revamping and reengaging Ditch the Clutter’s email list. Our first reengagement email yielded an awesome feature in a local publication, North End Waterfront.

But don’t take our word for it.

Professional, intuitive, creative and just plain amazing! Nicole and her team are absolute rock stars. Do not miss out on the A Team!!! - Cori Bamburg

Ditch the Clutter illustrates a typical working relationship with a business owner and Virtual A Team. We strive to offer specific areas where our services can best help the client. There are some areas of business that the business owner will do well. They may choose to continue managing these projects on their own until they are ready to delegate more and more of the work.

With a mutual respect for one another, the relationship grows stronger until the business owner is totally freed up to do only those things they can do.