[Video] It’s a Solopreneur’s Life- Ep 17- What’s with the Why?

What is it with the “Why”? We hear everyone talking about it, yet we can’t buy it on Amazon, so what’s up with the “Why”? Meshell Baker has lived the lavish life in corporate and had this “dream job” but she was bored with her life. She didn’t love anything that she sold, so she wasn’t living her dream.  

Purpose versus Passion: Everyone has a purpose. Most people don’t find their purpose until later in life and it changes throughout their life.  Passion leads to purpose, so if you are ever stuck on trying to figure out your purpose, find your passion and it will lead you there.

Vision vs Goal: Your vision allows you to step outside your comfort zone and develop the gifts that reside inside you. A goal is something you already have a strategy for and you know how you can do that.

Start facing your fear and you will start to see your “why”. I think that’s great advice. I know that sometimes I think about having different goals and how to prioritize them.  Which one is more important right now? Time, health, family, finances, work… whatever the case may be.  And these have changed a lot for me over the past few years too. That’s why you have to be flexible and aware of these changes, learn how to regroup and find that primary goal.

Are you living “the dream” or are you living your dream?

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