Writer Application

Virtual A Team is currently looking for a new content and copy writers.

These individuals will be open to writing for a variety of different business types with an emphasis on coaches and speakers. The right person will be a part of our team providing virtual services of all types.

This position is an hourly 1099 contractor position. Our rate is between $.04 and $.06 per word depending on topic, experience, and qualifications.

Important skills include:

  • An ability to research and understand a brand voice and then to write in that voice.
  • An ability to adjust to various style guides.
  • The ability to write at the level of the client's needs (some will be higher and some lower).
  • The ability to research various topics and write about them.
  • The ability to write with SEO in mind.
  • The ability to write quickly.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills (English as a first language only).

Our clients range from basic blog posts of 500 words to longer detailed posts up to 2000 words or more. Most projects require two articles per month. All of our clients receive a custom approach based on their interests and needs.

Some additional duties may include:

  • Offering topic ideas
  • Researching titles and keywords for SEO
  • Researching articles to link to (both internal and external)

If you are interested in applying for this position, please complete the application below.