16 social media manager questions you need to ask

Questions to Ask When You Interview Social Media Managers

By Staff Writer

Have you ever walked into a candy store and been mesmerized by the numerous flavors available? Some sweet, some sour but there is always something there to satisfy each person’s taste buds.  

Social media can make you feel like a kid in a candy store. There are so many brands to choose from; something is always available to capture your interests. With so many options for consumers to choose from, brands have to work hard to make their social media pages stand out from their competitors.

Many people claim to be social media experts. However, few have the skills and expertise to help a brand achieve amazing returns from its social media investment. You should, therefore, be very selective about who you choose as your social media manager. 

The hiring process isn’t as simple as visiting a freelancing website, such as UpWork, and hiring the first person who sends a fancy proposal. Virtual A Team has spent years vetting social media manager candidates and we believe that we have created a valuable list of social media manager interview questions to aid in this process.

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Social Media Manager Interview Questions

Ask the right questions and understand the answers you are looking for. This will lead you one step closer to weeding out the best person for the job. We’ve separated the interview questions into three categories:

  1. Experience
  2. Strategy/ Problem-Solving Skills
  3. Knowledge Acquisition


The phrase, “Experience teaches wisdom” never grows old. That doesn’t mean that a newbie social media manager won’t do a good job. Yet, you’ve got a lot riding on the success of your social media strategy. Your business needs more leads and your brand needs a strong voice in the digital arena. 

Anyone you hire should be able to prove their worth. Even this person has only successfully built a social media presence for his or her personal brand, the experience is important. Here are a few social media manager interview questions that you can ask to gauge a candidate’s level of experience. 

Describe your most successful social media campaign. How did the campaign help the brand you were representing?

This question determines whether the candidate has a proven track record. You want to know how the candidate executed the strategy from beginning to end. Most importantly, your social media manager has to be a strategist who can glean insights and use them to improve campaigns. 

Describe your most memorable experience as a social media manager.

Not only does this social media manager interview question test a candidate’s experience level, but it also tests the candidate’s ability to convey a story. Effective storytelling is important for achieving strong results on social media. As a result, someone who provides a drab response may not have the necessary storytelling skills to pack a punch.  

Which social media channel(s) would you recommend for this business? Explain your choice.

This question tests how well the candidate understands social media. Some social media platforms are better suited for certain brands than others. The candidate should also be able to explain how the chosen social media network can work for your brand. Also, the candidate should explain how each platform would be used differently. Social media marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy.

How do you know whether social media content is successful?

Successful social media campaigns include share-worthy content. A good social media manager has an eye for this type of content. He or she knows how to post it to gain traction. Ask for samples of share-worthy content that the candidate has already posted. The samples will help you see what the candidate considers share-worthy content.

What metrics do you use to measure a successful social media campaign?

Social media managers will be able to show that their campaigns are yielding results. Look for someone who knows to focus on engagement and leads. They are the two most valuable metrics in the social media marketing sphere. Good social media managers know how to find these metrics and how to use them to quantify results. 

What social media management tools do you use?

Efficient social media managers use social media dashboard software.  HootSuite, Buffer, and HubSpot help to monitor multiple campaigns and track metrics. For this reason, your social media manager should have experience using one (or more) of these tools. 

Why are goals important for a social media campaign?

Goals are important for any marketing strategy. They give you something to work towards. Goals also provide a clear picture of what will be done and how success will be measured. You want to make sure that your social media marketing goals and your business goals align. A good social media manager will help you do that.

social media manager interview questions

Strategy/ Problem-Solving Skills

Successful social media management requires strategic planning and strong problem-solving skills. It isn’t about uploading a post, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. A skilled social media manager is a strong problem-solver and strategic thinker. These questions will help you identify these qualities in the candidates you interview.

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What would you do to improve our current social media strategy?

In response, you are looking for the candidate to be able to clearly articulate issues. In addition, they should demonstrate strong problem-solving skills designed to help you achieve the best results. An experienced candidate will know what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, they will understand the best strategies to apply to your business.

How do you handle challenges that can occur on social media channels?

Social media is not a perfect world. As a result, there will be many fires that your social media manager will need to put out. An astute social media manager will help you develop best practices to put out these fires and keep your social media strategy on the right course. 

How do you handle negative comments on social media? 

Not all comments warrant a response. Some negative comments require immediate action to address the customer’s grouses. On the other hand, other comments are best left unanswered. A good social media manager knows the difference. 

How do you use social media as a customer service tool?

Many customers reach out to the brands they love via social media. Therefore, the social media manager has to have the patience and knowledge necessary to address customers’ queries. However, some candidates may only want to focus on the marketing aspect and ignore the customer service component.

Have you ever had to handle situations where a brand’s social media presence was being portrayed negatively? 

It’s important to know how the candidate will handle situations where the brand is portrayed negatively on social media. This social media manager interview question tests whether this person thinks critically and is solution-oriented. The answer isn’t to respond with more negativity and belittle the naysayer. It’s critical for your social media manager to know how to counteract these negatives with positive responses.

How do you allocate budgets for social media advertising?

Social media advertising can be pretty expensive if it isn’t properly managed. However, an effective social media manager has a strategy for judiciously spending on social media ads. This strategy includes close monitoring of the ads to determine where too much money is being spent so that adjustments can be made.

Knowledge Acquisition

Finally, you'll want to learn about how your candidate looks at continuous learning. Social media, like any other technology-related industry, is continuously evolving. Specifically, what was relevant two years ago may not be relevant now. You need a social media manager who keeps up with the constantly changing landscape.  

How do you keep up with the changes in the social media management industry?

Strong social media managers remain current and can make recommendations about new social media best practices that will benefit your business. This helps you stay ahead of your competition and remain relevant to customers.

Have you received any noteworthy certification?

Having some form of certification shows that the candidate is interested in continuously seeking knowledge. For instance, someone who has a certification may be more likely to listen to podcasts and take online courses regularly. HubSpot Academy offers free social media management certification. EdX also offers courses where a user can pay for a verified certificate. If they so desire, anyone can easily access up-to-date training and verified certification.

What limitations have you found with social media?

This question uncovers whether the candidate is aware of social media trends and how they affect current digital marketing practices. A knowledgeable social media manager will know that social media isn’t perfect and doesn’t reach all demographics.

Wrapping the Social Media Manager Interview

A social media manager is one of the best investments you can make for your business. However, this investment can be costly if you choose someone inexperienced, lacks problem-solving skills and isn’t interested in keeping up-to-date with the current market trends. The questions described in this article can help you find the right social media manager to take you to new heights.

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