[Video] It’s a Solopreneur’s Life- Ep 16- “Can I get that in another size?”

In this episode we talk about efficiency products. They are a blessing and a curse! We are given templates and great efficiency products, but you have to make these templates fit you. With every rule, there is always an exception to the rule, so find what works for you. Kricket shares a few of these things to consider.

Time of day: Everyone has more energy at different times of the day.  Someone may like to get up early and get down to business, while others may find that after lunch is their most productive time.  Learn when your best time of day is and use that to your advantage.

Look at your past successes.  What did you do that was successful and how can you apply that to another project you are working on?

Create a to-do list, but give yourself the option to move things around and push things off to another week.  Sometimes life happens and you get sick or your child gets sick and you need to move things around.  That’s ok!  Give yourself forgiveness and allow flexibility with your list.

Review your to-do list.  Are you noticing that the same things keep getting put off? Is so, is there a legitimate reason or should you take a look and figure out how to do those things. Do you need to delegate that to someone else?  Or do you just need to prioritize it to make sure it gets done in a more timely manner?

When you don’t accomplish something that you intended to that day, ask yourself what happened?  Not why or how, but what caused this to-do item to be unattainable today?  This helps you focus on the project.

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