[Video] It’s a Solopreneur’s Life- Ep 14- Spinning Plates

As entrepreneurs we tend to always have a lot of plates spinning because we get bored easily. Whether it’s the delicate balance of work life and personal life, or just deciding which clients needs the most time, Holly Porter chats about the challenges around keeping all the plates spinning. 

Here are some tips that Holly shares:

  1. Be present in the present.  Decide when and where you are devoting your time. It’s ok to take a plate down in order to grab hold of another one.
  2. Create boundaries.
  3. What are your negotiables and non-negotiables?
  4. Make sure you make time for self care, which is usually the first one to take the back seat.
  5. What is causing you the most stress?
  6. Figure out what your hourly worth is. What can you let go of? Can you find someone to help with those things?
  7. Let go of the guilt behind those plates that don’t bring you joy, but you feel obligated to take on.
  8. Think about what drives you. Are you motivated by power and money or are you people motivated?

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