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How To Get In A New Groove Post-Quarantine


By Nicole Bandes

Founder, CEO of Virtual A Team

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Is it time you stop waiting and start to get in a groove?

I've spoken to a lot of clients recently who are struggling to recover their version of 'highly productive people' habits. So, if you're wondering how to get in a new groove post-quarantine, read on.

The idea of self-isolating sounded scary at first because it was like the world was ending. What were we going to do about shopping and socializing and growing our businesses?

And then we adjusted

For some of us, quarantine meant a lot more free time.

  • We reconnected with loved ones through conference calls and video chats.
  • We found time for hobbies long forgotten or discovered new ones. I even rediscovered a love for photography and creative writing

For others, the workload didn’t change but the scenery did.

Many of us already worked from home but we became a lot more familiar with the same four walls (was that crack ALWAYS there?).

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Get in a Groove Step 1 - Declutter

Ok, this isn’t Marie Kondo’s site, but decluttering is a powerful way to reset the mind and body. It helps you get focused and gain clarity.

Get in a new groove by decluttering: 

Your Workspace 

Look around you and observe. Has your workspace gathered homework assignments, half-used coffee mugs, miscellaneous pieces of mail, and other random clutter?

Take some time to clear your space.

Your Body

OK, we’ve heard about the Quarantine 15. If you’ve noticed a little slacking off on your healthy lifestyle, now is the time to reboot those habits.

Take a look at your diet and exercise and determine what to declutter.

If many things are still going well, you can even consider a health cleanse.

body and mind

Your Mind

Through quarantine, we've been focused on dealing with issues we never expected, or even considered.

  • Our health
  • Children (or grandkids) home from college
  • Homeschooling
  • Loss of income and/or financial security
  • Safety of our loved ones
  • And loss of freedom to take our planned vacations

We’ve had a LOT more than usual to worry about and it’s time to let some of that go.

Do some mediation exercises or consider talking with a professional about your concerns. Holding it all in doesn’t help anyone.

Bear or Butterfly?

Over time, we found our quarantine groove.

We learned how to work and play in this new atmosphere.

Sure, we never expected it to last as long as it did. But we found a way to exist.

And now we are facing the next change. 

Many cities and states have been open for a month now. Some are just starting to open back up.

And, as they do, we are, once again, adapting to new ways of doing things.

get in a groove don't be afraid of change

Hibernation vs Transformation

Change happens whether we want it to or not. Sometimes all you can do is hang on and enjoy the ride. But other times you have to take control and steer.

There's a really important choice to make.

You can look at this quarantine as a period of hibernation. Bears and other animals hibernate to conserve resources and survive tough seasonal conditions. It is nothing more than pure survival.

Or, you can view it as a chrysalis. The chrysalis is the life-cycle stage where a caterpillar, in its cocoon, is undergoing the remarkable transformation into a butterfly.

Once you’ve chosen to be the butterfly and not the bear, what actions can you take to get in a new groove and make your transformation amazing?

Get in a Groove Step 2 - Dream Big

I say it often, New Year’s isn’t the only time you are allowed to set new goals. Any day that ends in Y is a great day to do so.

We work hard at the beginning of each year to set goals.

Now is the time to review the goals you set at the beginning of the year when 2020 was going to be THE year that rocked! There’s still time to hit your mark. 

Reviewing and revising your goals is a great way to get excited again.

It gives you a chance to see what’s possible, not just what’s existed so far. There’s a reason gyms are so busy in January and that's because EVERYONE is January!

If you struggle with creating goals, I would encourage you to check out this Goal Setting article by James Clear. This isn’t just a rehash of the old SMART goals methodology.

You may find that his approach unlocks something that helps you actually LOVE goal setting! (OMG, crazy, right?)

Get in a Groove Step 3 - Bring in the New

Have you always wanted to try the 5 AM Club?

Or maybe you’ve been thinking about that Bulletproof coffee all the podcasters are talking about.

Bringing in a new routine is a great way to re-energize yourself and get in a new groove.

It gives you an exciting reason to wake up in the morning (I’ll see you around 7, I’m not getting up at 5) and it helps you feel like you have control over something.

If you aren’t quite ready to try something new, reintroduce something that you’ve let go. 

It’s been easy to stop setting the alarm clock or planning meals in advance. After all, you have been just trying to survive.

But now is the time to pick up those past habits or find a way to adapt them to the new way of your world.


Pro Tip

I love Evernote for keeping all kinds of lists. Their templates feature for this is AWESOME! You can read more about how I set up lists in Evernote here.

Get in a Groove Step 4 - Get Organized

Just because you’ve gotten rid of mind, body, and space clutter doesn’t mean you’ve organized what’s left.

Take some time to organize your schedule.

Create some systems for yourself.

  • What days/times will you work?
  • When will you rest?
  • How will you plan?
  • And when will you play?

Write things down. There’s nothing more exhausting than trying to remember all the things you need to remember.

Checklists are your friends

As a new owner of a travel trailer, I’m realizing the HUGE value of lists.

✅ I have lists for what to pack.

✅ And checklists for before leaving home.

✅ Lists for setting up and tearing down our campsite.

✅ I have to plan meals in advance and prep them before we leave.

✅ Hubby has to make sure everything is in working order.

✅ We have to get clothes and supplies packed. 

I would be overwhelmed and exhausted if I had to constantly try to remember to pack the syrup for the French Toast or make sure to put the vent down in the bathroom before driving off!

One quick check of the list, and I can stop thinking about it.

get in a groove

Get in a Groove Step 5 - SLOW DOWN!

You are tired of self-isolation, quarantine, “new normal” and all that other crap.

It’s tempting to do everything at once so you can get back to the “old normal”. But that’s not reality.

To get in a new groove you're going to have to accept the fact that...

Your world is different and your emotions are different now.

You are grieving the old way and you will for some time. And that's ok!

  • Give yourself space to have bad days.
  • Build pause days into your schedule.

These are days where anything goes without judgment.  Be OK with imperfect for a while.

Finding Your Groove

It all comes down to control.

One of the best ways to get in a new groove after any big change, especially a change that feels out of our control, is to do something that allows you to feel in control.

We can’t control a lot of things that happen in our lives but we have more control than we sometimes feel; or often remember we have.

And one of our greatest, and most accessed, super-powers is our ability to control how we perceive even the things we have no control over.

When you feel in control, you feel powerful.

It’s this power that will help you realign and come out better on the other side.


Just remember, it’s OK to take your time getting back in the groove. Even a butterfly takes time coming out of her chrysalis.

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