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Why ‘Rest Stops’ Matter on Your Entrepreneurial Journey


By Nicole Bandes

Founder, CEO of Virtual A Team

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Has this ever happened to you while on your entrepreneurial journey?

You see a great subject line, click through, and spend time reading the article only to discover that it's way too basic or far too advanced for you.

Frustrating, right? I’ve often felt the same way!

And then, recently, it became super obvious how often this happens. Let me tell you what I mean...

Before social distancing hit, my husband and I began planning a cross-country RV trip. It was to be our first.

I was so excited; we both love to travel!

We’ve sat idly by the last several years watching the annual RVing adventures of my sister-in-law and her husband https://millerluckycharm.blogspot.com/.

We decided we were done being jealous. It was time to give it a try for ourselves.

Before rushing out to spend a good chunk of our savings on a rig, we decided it would be a good idea to rent for the first trip just to make sure the RVing life is really something for us. 

We were going to fly to Minneapolis, pick up the RV, and then stop at as many interesting places as we could along the route back home to Arizona.

Pro Tip

RV rental companies give screaming deals to help move their RVs across the country. If they have too many in one region and need to get them to another region, guess what, they give big discounts. Who knew?

We booked the RV, jumped up and down like little kids a few times, and then sat down to plan our adventure.

mapping out your entrepreneurial journey

We started strong. How hard can this be, right? We’ve planned tons of trips. But the further along we got the more we discovered things we definitely didn’t know. 

I Just Want MY Golden Nugget

Who knew there are length restrictions on certain highways? The pros tell ya not to drive more than 330 miles a day but that sometimes gets you driving in circles to reach some of your top destinations.

And it turns out there is a really important difference between black and grey water. Not to mention something known as dry docking; we thought that was boat storage - not so much.

One delivery pizza, a large veggie tray, a few Moscow Mules, and 9 hours later our original jumping up and down enthusiasm had turned into more of an ‘Eeek…we might have bitten off more than we can chew’ feeling.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 my husband and I had to cancel our inaugural RV trip. But I’m so grateful for the experience of planning that trip. Because in the process I had an epiphany.

The Epiphany

As I was researching, I was running across articles with "way above my novice head" information and then others that left me saying, “Yes. I know how to pack a suitcase. Thank you. I’m way past that."

I was spending too much time reading through content desperately searching for the golden nugget of information that applied to me.

In my frustration, I thought, “I just want one website that says” 

  • If you’re a beginner, click here.
  • Got a few trips under your belt, click here.
  • RV every year? Click here.

I wanted a site that offered me the ability to find content applicable to where I was at in my RV-life journey.

That got me thinking more. It wasn’t restricted to this RV thing. I felt that way whenever I wanted to learn how to do just about anything from how to use Photoshop to creating an online membership program! It's certainly been something I've noticed on my own entrepreneurial journey.

Why do rest stops matter on your entrepreneurial journey?

The Struggle Is Real

This is the information overload age. We get so much thrown at us from every direction.

Being the productivity expert that I am I pondered on how much precious time we are all spending while we struggle to consume content that is either way over our head, or stuff we already know.

And then it hit me…does Virtual A Team content do that? 

Calling a meeting

I called a team meeting and asked our experts, “Do you think we help our clients use their time more productively by guiding them to content that applies to where they are in their personal entrepreneurial journey?”

Collectively we decided the answer was no, we don’t. We all agreed that it is frustrating to spend time reading an article only to realize at the end there was nothing in it that was applicable to us.

Let the brainstorming begin! The team was invigorated by the challenge and felt like this could be a game-changer for our clients and subscribers. 

We went back through blog posts since the beginning of Virtual A Team time. We publish blogs weekly that answer your questions about:

  • Growing your business
  • Marketing
  • Personal growth
  • Productivity
  • Sales
  • Social media marketing
  • Management
  • Building a team
  • And of course, outsourcing

We answer critical who, what, when, where, and why questions.  Lots of how-to tips. ‘Are you ready to implement this?’ tips and, ‘these are the best tools out there’ tips.

But we realized that one size does not fit all.

Just like the difference between myself, a novice RV enthusiast, and my well-seasoned RVing sister-in-law, Virtual A Team has clients in the early stages of their business journey and others who are much further along in building. And both are searching for their respective ‘click here’ buttons.

It was so clear to me and the team what needed to happen. We needed to become the kind of resource like the one I was searching for.

We set out to build something that would help our readers easily find the content that meets them where they’re at in their entrepreneurial journey.


Are you ready? Ready to hear what Virtual A Team built? We believe it is going to help inform and educate you in the best possible way.

Ok, it all starts with knowing where you’re at on the entrepreneurial journey map.

Entrepreneurial Journey Roadmap

Rest Stop 1: “I’m going!”

You’ve decided to embark on your journey. You grab your backpack, fill it full of your dreams, and set out to revolutionize the world. You’re building and creating your framework. You know there is growth potential here, but you’re most likely struggling to know just where to start. There are so many decisions and you don’t know where to get help, or possibly in what areas you could use some help.

Rest Stop 2: “I can do this!” 

You’ve gained some experience and tools. Your backpack can no longer hold everything, so you’ve upgraded to a duffle bag. It’s full of lessons learned, new systems, connections, and knowledge that is helping you continue your travel toward huge success. The future's looking bright and full of opportunities. But you’re feeling the weight of the bigger bag. You start thinking, “Yikes! I could use some help.”

Rest Stop 3: “Are we there yet?” 

It’s been a tough journey and there is a lot more to carry now. You tried holding on to the heavy bag but soon realized you couldn’t carry that alone. You’ve tossed that duffle bag to the curb in exchange for the helpful rolling suitcase with pivoting wheels. You’ve lightened your load. You’re walking tall and can see your destination again. You’ve given away a few hats allowing you to spend more time in your zone of genius.

Rest Stop 4: “Go ME!” 

After leaving the last stop you realized that if you could lighten your load even more, you could go that much further. You gave away more hats and the tasks that were draining your energy. You’ve offloaded enough that you can continue your journey carrying only a briefcase. You have a team. You’ve tested and proven that you have what it takes to grow a successful business and the results show. You have more time to focus on new ideas and passions while supporting the teams that will keep the business traveling towards huge success.

To find out what Rest Stop you’re at, take the quiz …

Take the Entrepreneurial Journey Quiz


Now, it is important to understand that you could be sitting at Rest Stop 1 in a certain area and yet further down the path in another.

For example, you may have a huge, Rest Stop 4 level, social media following but be at Rest Stop 1 where your email list is concerned.

The ways Virtual A Team can help are different depending on where you’re at. What you need to move further along, ditching your current bag for the upgrade, also depends greatly on where you’re currently sitting.

Don’t worry…WE’VE GOT YOU!


Ok, so back to our new personalized entrepreneurial journey content system.

In reviewing all those blog posts, we saw how someone sitting at Rest Stop 1 would not necessarily benefit from the article about “8 Podcast production tasks you need to stop doing NOW” article.

“Podcast, ummm…. Yeah… not there yet!”

Likewise, someone sitting at Rest Stop 4 might be yawning about paragraph two of “How to hire a virtual assistant”

“Yes. I know how to hire a VA. Thank you.”

Our goal moving forward is to provide you with content that meets you where you are.

Look for YOUR bag!

In each new blog post, “Delegate SMARTER” video, and social media post you will see the coordinating Rest Stop bag icon so you can easily identify the content YOU need. The content that meets you where you are at.


Some content will apply to more than one Rest Stop, in fact, most will.

But you will be able to know that upfront and can look for your Rest Stop bag while you’re reading.

You will be able to consume the information you need in the most productive, time-saving way possible.

Everyone at Virtual A Team loves being a part of the entrepreneurial journey with our clients.

We love seeing what happens in their business when we can help them trade in their heavy bag for a lighter, more efficient one. 

And we understand small business ownership and respect that it may not be the right time for you to delegate.

We want to help you make those decisions along the way.

Check out our new categories on VirtualATeam.com and here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect to see in upcoming blog posts…

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t feel like it’s a J.O.B to find the information you need from us. Because,

Let’s sit at whatever Rest Stop you’re at together, check out the map, and figure out how to move your further down the road of your entrepreneurial adventure.

Click here for your FREE Entrepreneurial Journey Consultation.

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