done is better than perfect

Done is Better Than Perfect

Perfectionism is a myth and most of us know it. Yet, we still allow this lofty ideal to hinder our productivity. The pursuit of being perfect will inhibit collaboration. Without progress there is no productivity. The benefits of productivity cannot be set in motion if nothing moves until it is perfect. Why do we set and hold to high expectations? When we value the product over the process, we sacrifice progress. When we view ourselves as the sole source, we cut ourselves off from the strength of others. Let’s look at two realities that remind us that done is better than perfect.

Perfectionism is an ongoing productivity challenge

We have been taught incorrectly. We have followed poor examples. These habits hold us back from recognizing that done is better than perfect. Our desire to be perfect causes tunnel vision as we pursue goals. When we expand our perspective we can see the bigger picture rather than being stuck in the minutiae. Writing for Forbes Magazine, Deep Patel reminds us to, “Focus on the process, not the final product. When you put too much emphasis on the final product, you fall into the trap of idolizing the end result.” . We want the finished product. By focusing only on the end, we miss the adventure of the process. When we overlook the process we don’t grasp the lessons that help us adapt. Our vision can change while in motion.

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We don’t need a scientific report to tell us that we only have so many hours in a day. A therapist doesn’t have to remind us that we only have so much energy to apply to our project. Our focus reserves have a limited supply. If we continually run on empty  we will notice strains on our passion. When we push away help from others we with limit our quality. If we place perfection over completion we will hinder our output potential. Those who deceive themselves into thinking that only perfect products can be sent to market are wrong. They don’t understand adaptation. We adapt best when we are in motion. Perfectionism inhibits productivity and this combination overtime will cause obstacles to progress.

Perfectionism keeps people from delegating some of their work load

As people who are proud of our abilities we often don’t delegate. We do this because we have the idea that we need to be superheros. This high expectation is popular in business and life journals. Brene Brown gave a great TED Talk on vulnerability. U.S. News and World Report contributor Susannah Wellford recounts, “To be vulnerable makes you more real and relatable, and it is the only way to be truly authentic. Brown said that by not trying to project a superhero image all the time, you actually become a stronger, more connected person.” Male and female leaders benefit from allowing themselves to admit that they cannot do everything. By being vulnerable we model practical leadership that doesn’t tire itself out with upholding the perfection façade.

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If we stay with the superhero theme, recent box office mega franchise offerings such as Justice League or Avengers teach us that some projects need a collective effort. A superhero in tights, like an eager leader in their business best, can only be in one place at a time. When we sacrifice progress for the ideal of perfection we place a higher value in our own hands touching a project than having multiple hands working together to accomplish the goal.

Delegation enables us to incorporate the ideas and skills of others into our mission. Collectively we can accomplish so much more. Being vulnerable means admitting that we may need help, which is not a sign of weakness but rather a step towards building team strength. Lorie Corcuera, CEO and Co-founder of SPARK Creations, dispels this myth, “When you ask for support, you create opportunities for others to share their gifts and talents. You empower others to shine, and you learn more about others’ strengths and passions.”

Start with Change

Changing our unrealistic ideals requires changing our perspective – frees us to engage in the process. Done is better than perfect. Fighting against our poor habits requires admitting something about ourselves which in turn makes us more human. Being human opens us up to building a super team where delegating will expand our abilities. Done is better than perfect. Grow yourself and your abilities by focusing your efforts where you are strongest. Find people with whom you can collaborate to offset your weaknesses. Team up with those that can expand your capacity to get things done. Done is better than perfect.

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