Creating Video Content – Should They Matter in Your Marketing Strategy? with Ryan Snaadt

Video content is on the rise, but are you struggling to figure out how to fit it into your brand to work to your advantage? In today's episode of Coach's Copilot, our host Nicole Bandes is joined in flight by Ryan Snaddt, the owner of Snaadt Media Group. If you are looking to add videos to your content to help with your marketing and business strategy - get your ticket, fasten those seatbelts, sit back, and relax as Nicole and Ryan share tips and tricks on how to add videos to your content so it works to your advantage.

Key Takeaways from this Episode:

  • How Ryan got involved in video marketing.
  • Some of the topics you CAN and SHOULD be covering when you hit that record button.
  • Creating a balance between business and personal content to engage with your audience.
  • Have you heard the term VSL?
  • Integrating YouTube into your marketing strategy.

About Our Guest:

Ryan Snaadt (it rhymes with odd) is a video marketer based in Des Moines Iowa. He owns a video marketing company, helping brands break through the noise with video strategy.

Ryan also helps other videographers launch their own businesses via his online courses, YouTube channel, Facebook Groups, and speaking.

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In Flight Snacks:

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