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About Nicole Bandes

After losing her 17 year old son, Nicole Bandes discovered the gift of time and the importance of putting our lives before our businesses. As the Founder and CEO of Virtual A Team, a virtual services agency specializing in online service-based businesses, Nicole and her team empower overwhelmed coaches and consultants build successful businesses without working longer hours. --> Learn more about Nicole


What if you CAN Live a Thriving Life AND Grow a Successful Business?

Inspiring and Actionable Conversation Topics:

Checkmark GreenYES You CAN Build a Successful Business Around a Thriving Life, Here’s How

Nicole shares how she’s been able to successfully work less than 20 hours a week while building and growing a profitable business through outsourcing and delegating.

Checkmark GreenWhy a Virtual Assistant May NOT be Your Best First Hire and What to Do Instead

When solopreneurs start looking for help, they default to hiring a Virtual Assistant. Let’s chat about why that might not be the best move and what you can do instead.

Checkmark GreenDo it Yourself or Delegate, How to Earn More by Doing Less

Delegating isn’t usually a skill we are born with. However, even those that struggle with letting go can learn a few key tricks to getting the right team in place.

    Key Questions & Conversation Starters:

    • Why is time so important?

    • What made you start Virtual A Team?

    • You've managed to create a business where you can work less than 20 hours a week, why did you do that?

    • Ok, but HOW did you manage to reduce your work load to less than 20 hours?

    • Time management is at the core of what you do, what are 5 ways entrepreneurs can better manage their time?

    • Why do entrepreneurs struggle to delegate?

    • We hear all about virtual assistants but Is a VA the best FIRST person to hire?

    • What is an online business manager and how are they different that a VA?

    • What the heck is delegating smarter?

    • How does an entrepreneur know if they can afford to outsource?

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    What I love about Nicole Bandes as a presenter is her ability to show up authentically and captivate an audience with her personal and professional story while providing inspiration and practical advice. If you are looking for a guest that will motivate your audience to take control of their lives and give them a powerful emotional experience and connection to humanity, Nicole is your presenter.

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    Female Coaches or Consultants over 40 who are ready to build a successful business but still want to live a thriving life love listening to Nicole Bandes!

    Nicole's Podcast

    Nicole also shares valuable tips as podcast host of Coach’s Copilot: Your Online Business Manager.

    Coach’s Copilot

    On this show, Nicole Bandes and her team of experts will serve as your coaching copilots. They will share tips, tricks, and strategies that focus on marketing, outsourcing, productivity, and more! Whether your goal is to grow your business, have a business that’s built around your life, or both; Coach’s Copilot: Your Online Business Manager Podcast will help you manage the details to make it happen.

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