Combat Boots to Entrepreneur: Transitioning from a Military Member to a Successful Business Owner with Martha Wilson

You've served in the military and are looking into transitioning to become an entrepreneur, but do you really need to transition that much? Welcome to the last installment of our Combat Boots to Entrepreneur series - Virtual A Team is a big supporter of our members in the military community. For the month of November, we will highlight a military veteran turned entrepreneur in each episode. In today's episode of Coach's Copilot, our host Nicole Bandes is joined in flight by Army veteran and undercover CIA agent, Martha Wilson. You'd be surprised, transitioning from the military to entrepreneurial mindset isn't all that different. Are you excited for the not-so-secret-anymore secret? - get your ticket, fasten those seatbelts, sit back, and relax as Nicole and Martha share tips and tricks on how to smooth the transition from being a military member to a successful business owner.

Key Takeaways from this Episode:

  • What made Martha decide to join the military.
  • How transitioning from the military to entrepreneurial mentality is actually just the next level up.
  • Why should someone consider working with a veteran-owned business?

About Our Flight Crew:

After 27 years undercover with the CIA, Martha Wilson is an expert at helping ordinary people uncover their hidden drivers, de-railers, and show-stoppers so they can do extraordinary things. Entrepreneurs and leaders hire her when they are struggling to navigate the pressures of increasing success. Martha shows them how to unlock their hidden potential, so they can finally move their big thing from impossible to possible to probable.

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In-Flight Snacks:

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