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What is a Virtual Business Manager?

You may be wondering what a virtual business manager or online business manager really is and how he or she may differ from a virtual assistant. VBM's differ in 4 key ways; focus, approach, responsibility, and experience.


A virtual assistant is focused on completing each task on a set deadline. A virtual business manager focuses on the whole business and how each project or task fits into the big picture.


A VA approaches each task independent of any other work or project while a VBM approaches a project as one piece of the whole business puzzle making sure it is the right fit.


VAs are responsible only for the items you put on their plate. Virtual business managers are often responsible for determining what goes on everyone’s plates, yours included.


VAs are generally trained in basic administrative tasks while VBMs are experienced in higher level project management, team management, operations management, and strategy.

A virtual assistant is a doer and is invested in completing a specific task on time. A Virtual Business Manager is a thinker and is invested in the overall success of your business.

    Virtual A Team specializes in virtual business management for:



    And other service-based entrepreneurs!

    Our clients start with their very own virtual business manager. From there, we work together to build out your entire Virtual A Team.


    You just left the gate or have a part-time business that you need a little extra help with.

    Up to 10 hours per month

    Standard Status - Work turn around in 5-7 business days

    One 30 minute team meeting per month included at no extra charge.


    You're rounding the corner and working at a steady pace.

    Up to 20 hour per month

    Priority Status - Work turn around in 4 to 5 business days.

    Two 30 minute team meetings per month included at no extra charge.

    BONUS - Monthly Wordpress Maintenance including updating plugins and backing up site.


    You just passed GO and are ready to accelerate your systems, strategies, and growth.

    Up to 30 hours per month

    VIP Status - Work turn around in 2 business days.

    Four 30 minute team meetings per month included at no extra charge.

    BONUS - Biweekly Worpress Maintenance inclduing updating plugins, backing up site, and moderating comments.

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