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Hello! And welcome aboard the Coaching Copilot podcast. My name is Nicole Bandes and I, along with my amazing team of experts will be your copilots on your coaching business journey.

Since today is the very first episode, I wanted to share with you what you can expect from this show and why I’m doing it.

Coaching is often a solo business. It’s like getting into a small plane with no one else on board. If something goes wrong or you go off the flight path, there’s no one to help guide you back. Sure, you could hire a coach to help you (and you should), but a coach is like the air traffic controller in the tower. They are there to guide you at specific intervals but they aren’t in the seat next to you for the entire journey.

A copilot, on the other hand, is always with you. The copilot helps you with the prechecks, handles the radio communications and navigation. The pilot may even turn over control of the flight on a temporary basis if the pilot needs to step out of the cockpit.

A copilot is there to support the pilot as needed.

And that’s what this show is all about.

Our goal with The Coaching Copilot is to help support you on your coaching journey. We will do that by sharing episodes focused on three key areas designed to move you and your business forward.

  1. Business Building - You don’t know what you don’t know so we will bring you a variety of business topics that include marketing, admin and operations, program design, and more. If it’s a topic you need to build or grow your business, we’ll cover it.
  2. Productivity - As a solopreneur, your time is incredibly valuable. Every minute counts. Our productivity episodes will help you find the best ways to get more out of the time you have.
  3. Outsourcing - Many podcasts will have an occasional episode on how to outsource or delegate but we believe it is the key to being able to have the business AND the life of your dreams. We will explore who to outsource to and how to do it on a regular basis.

But WHY? 

Ok, not to sound like a whiny 2 year old, but why are we launching a new podcast focused on these topics at this time?

It’s time for business lesson #1. No matter how much you love to teach, you can’t give everything away for free. We definitely love to teach. 

But, just like you, we have a business and making money is what keeps those doors open, right?

So how do you successfully balance the ‘pay-it-forward’ teaching model with hard costs of producing that which you are giving away for free?

I mean, we will need to pay for podcast hosting and editors and talent, etc… So having a podcast isn’t something we can do just for fun. But we do intend to have a ton of fun!

Plain and simple. It’s marketing. 

A well-done podcast is an extremely effective marketing tool. See, if I give you enough value for free, you will be more inclined to follow and potentially hire me, right?. Oh sure, there will be lots of people who listen and NEVER EVER consider hiring our company. But there will be many others who do.

Podcasts are an awesome way to offer incredible value and build the golden KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor.

Besides, did we mention we love to teach? And we just shared our first lesson with you. Podcasts are great tools for marketing to your target audience!

So who are we?

Again, my name is Nicole Bandes and I’m the founder and CEO of Virtual A Team. After getting my degree in Psychology, I have spent over 25 years building businesses with almost 20 of those being online. As a productivity coach, I heard from many of my clients that they just needed more time, they needed to “clone” themselves. Virtual A Team was created to help coaches with this challenge. 

We offer coaches and consultants a way to have their very own CoPilot and flight crew. Our copilots are virtual business managers that help you, the pilot of your business, stay on course and take over when you need a break. Our flight crew consists of an amazing  team of experts that can do everything from basic admin to high level website design and development. If you need social media management, we have the crew for that. If you need video or podcast editing, we have the crew for that (obviously) You name it and the crew has it handled. We are your Virtual A Team.

Join us on the flight

Our goal is to make sure that every episode of The Coaching Copilot Podcast brings you actionable tips and suggestions. We want to keep episodes to around 30 minutes (but will take longer if the topic warrants it) so that you can easily digest them in a drive or a workout session. 

You can also join us in our free Facebook group - Coach's Copilot Hanger - to dive deeper into the topics we share on every episode.

Got a Topic Idea You'd Like to Suggest?

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Would you like to be a guest?

We are looking for guests for our shows. If you would like to be coached in a hot seat or have a topic you think would benefit our audience, apply to be on the show here.

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Coach's Copilot: Your Online Business Manager Podcast
Coach's Copilot: Your Online Business Manager Podcast
Virtual A Team

Are you struggling to build a successful coaching business without burning the candle at both ends? Do you wish you had a copilot or business manager that could help you handle the details so you could focus on the things that only you can do? On this show, Nicole Bandes and her team of experts will serve as your coaching copilots. We will share tips, tricks, and strategies that focus on marketing, outsourcing, productivity, and more! Whether your goal is to grow your business, have a business that’s built around your life, or both; Coach’s Copilot: Your Online Business Manager Podcast will help you manage the details to make it happen.

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