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Empowered Business Networking Events

Empowered Business Networking Events

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Join us for Pre-Assigned Networking breakout rooms and leave with aligned follow up calls on your schedule!
You will receive…

1) Pre-selected Breakout Rooms with you in mind, led by a Team Leader. I intentionally create the rooms based on your industry and title or who you have told me you want to meet! *I don’t know of other networking groups that do this for you! You’ll meet over a dozen people in small breakout rooms.

2) No more need to save or filter through a crowded Zoom Chat! You’ll receive a full Attendee Report including any contact information you and other attendees decide to provide. We’ll provide you with a form so you have complete control over what is shared. We usually have 50-60 people on a call so this allows you to follow up with anyone you didn’t meet in your breakout rooms. We only send the report to those who show up LIVE!

3) Speaker & Stage Sharing. If you are looking for podcasts, virtual speaking or other speaking engagements, we’ll share our stages and our speaking topics. This information will also be shared in the Attendee Report if you so desire.

4) “Receive a Referral Call” with me! All attendees can book a 30 minute call to share with me who you really want to meet. I’ll make sure to make at least one (and usually I can make more than on

2:00 p.m. ET – Welcome and Shout Outs

2:15 p.m. ET – 1st Pre-Assigned Networking Breakout Room

2:35 p.m. ET – 20 Min Featured Speaker

3:00 p.m. ET – 2nd Pre-Assigned Networking Breakout Room

3:30 – Wrap Up – Fill out the Attendance Report by 5 p.m. ET to receive a full follow up report on all attendees.

“Turn Your Book Into a Certification Program” by Suzy Prudden
You are unique in your field. You have a process no one else has. Your book teaches your process. Use your book to create a certification program. Teach others to do what you uniquely do and create an army of practitioners!

Learn how to

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Build a following with your book
Position yourself as the “Go to” person in your industry
About Award-Winning Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Publisher, Suzy Prudden
Suzy Prudden is a legend. An influencer for the past 45 years, Suzy is bringing her expertise to the publishing world. She is an award winning, internationally acclaimed speaker, workshop and seminar leader, N.Y. Times bestselling author, fitness expert, body/mind pioneer, hypnotherapist, success and empowerment coach, TV host (NBC and Nichelodeon), Radio Host (WBAI in New York), Creator of the Inner Mind ™ Certification Program and Book Publisher.

Suzy has shared the stage with: Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Dr. John DiMartini, Louise L. Hay, Bob Proctor, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Rev. Mary Morrissy, Jay Abraham, Byron Katie, Marianne Williamson, John Gray, Alex Mandossian, Adam Urbanski, Jill Lublin, Sandra Yancey and more…

You’ve seen Suzy on Oprah, Good Morning America and The Today Show. She’s been featured in US Magazine, Forbes Magazine, Newsweek, Vogue, and People to name a few. The New York Times says: “If Suzy is talking about it today, the rest of the country will be talking about it tomorrow.”

We are NOT a Networking Group. We are an Empowered Partner Training Program with Live Networking Built In!
We train Creatives to Network Differently by shifting the focus from
Chasing Prospects to Building Partnerships
Quantity to Quality Networking
Competition to Collaborations that generate revenue
Our Events are full of Entrepreneurs in the following categories
Coaches and Consultants
Marketing Professionals
Complimentary Creative Services (CPA, Bookkeeper, Virtual Assistant, Software Solutions, Financial Services, etc.)
You are an ideal Guest to visit EBN if you….
Identify as a Creative, service-based business owner – specifically a Coach, Speaker, Marketing Professional or a service that compliments or is desired by Coaches and Marketing Professionals (Attorney, CPA, Bookkeeper, Financial services, Virtual Assistant, Software/tools for business, etc.)
Know Coaches, Trainers and Marketing Professionals make great referral partners for you!
Do most of your business in a virtual environment.
Appreciate hand-selected introductions over random breakout rooms.
Value an educational presentation on networking, marketing or sales topic.
Understand that visiting isn’t about landing a sale, but about looking for ideal connections for collaboration.
You see offers to experience someone’s low cost or free service as a way to get to know them, not as an affront that they tried to “sell you”.
About our Founder and Facilitator, Stephanie Bonte-Lebair
Award-Winning Trainer, Networking Leader and Performer

Stephanie is a classically-trained singer turned voice, presentation and sales coach. She moved to New York City and performed in operas, musical and cabaret before creating her business, The Empowered Voice.

For over 20 years, she has helped singers, speakers and business professionals leverage their voice for more influence, authentic connections and increased sales. She is an award-winning Licensed and Certified trainer with Codebreaker Technologies, Inc. She was named the Action Icon of 2017.

She was an award-winning Managing Director of eWomenNetwork Montgomery County and has run several networking and mastermind groups.

She utilizes powerful systems and cutting-edge personality coding technology to train 6-figure coaches, speakers, trainers and sales teams how to close more sales in less time. Whether performing on stages or speaking in the boardroom, Stephanie’s mission is to help people be the voice of their passions.

What people are saying about our events…
* *EBN was without a doubt the greatest zoom meeting I’ve ever been to. These are exactly the people I want to connect with. I’ve never had a follow up list so long. —James Bonato, Videographer, Maryland

**EBN has high integrity members that engage in reciprocal sharing. It is more engaging than other networking groups I’ve visited. —Yvonne Silver, CEO Coach, Canada

**Loved the format of the breakout rooms. There are only amazing people showing up! Stephanie brings amazing energy to the group. —Carolina Luna, Photographer, New York

**I loved the time management and how many people I got to meet. It was great elevator pitch practice. Stephanie Rocks! —Linsey Shelton, Branding Coach, Maryland

**I enjoyed the flow of the event. The 90 minutes flew by! Stephanie made me feel welcomed before the event even started. It was organized with a great guest speaker. —Wendi Hatton, LinkedIn Coach, Virginia

**I like having moderators in the break-out rooms to help manage the time. We were able to easily share without wasting time. —Lisa Trotzke-Laws, Health Insurance, Florida

* *The organization of the meeting and the enthusiasm of the members really stood out…I was impressed with the authenticity of everyone. The meeting was a truly wonderful experience. —Dr. Caryn Willens, Wellness Coach, Wisconsin

* *I’ve never been to such a well-run networking event. I made 5, yes 5, appointments to chat with other people. That’s pretty exciting! —Courtney Robinson, Personal Brand Stylist, Atlanta

* *I loved how the breakout rooms were formed so that I was placed with people who are great referral partners for me. I felt like I belonged. —Heather Aaron, Digital Marketer, NYC

* *Thank you for the most incredible evening ever of conscious networking and getting insane value. Loved how you managed the whole event Stephanie.—Farah Ismail, Executive Coach, India

About EBN…
We Train Creatives how to Network Differently by moving from Prospects to Partnerships!
We help you Build Empowered Partners that will find you stages, cross promote your services, and send you referrals for years to come.
That’s the power of Empowered Business Networking®
We are an international virtual networking group for high-achieving Creative business owners – Coaches, Marketing and Sales professionals.

We hold 3 events every month.

1) Networking and Training Event – Guided and consciously assigned networking breakout rooms, an expert speaker, and sharing of stages for those who love to speak.

2) Roundtable Event – Member feature event to learn about each other and how to support each other in growing connections and referral partnerships.

3) Empowered Partner Creative Collaborative Meeting – Member-only event strategically designed to pair you with other members who can be your cheerleaders in the marketplace and create cross-promotion plans to open doors and create referrals.

We also hold yearly special events.


Guests are welcome to visit our first meeting of the month – our Networking and Training event — by paying the $88 visitor fee. Only members can join our Roundtables and Power Partner meetings.


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